Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Humble Pie - I Don't Need No Doctor - 1971

No surprise, but I find many 'rock videos' to be rather boring..
Especially the typical MTV circa 1980's
and 1990's -three minutes of dancing, hair etc.
and so forth..(but of course dancing bears
are another matter entirely, right?)
But, sometimes these older film
bits from concerts or from
European television have
a sort of documentary
feel to them, and
even if I don't
really like
the band
get into
watching the
thing because if
it feels older, it seems
more real, like a yellow news
clipping that you might find in the bottom
of a dresser drawer someplace. a newspaper clipping
of some cataclysmic event like an earthquake, a monsoon or
the bombing of some foreign capital. Many video or film clips
are much better without a lot of commentary, isn't that true?


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