Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring in South Beach

Sunday Afternoon; I step outside, the Sun is warm, and it seems like a decent day.
I decide to take the bike down to South Beach. The sky is blue, and there are very few boats to be seen. Joggers and baby carriages are out. Their numbers are not overwhelming today. Down the coast a bit, I locate the decrepit pier and pause for a refreshing fruit bar. It's really not terribly warm down by the water.

I become the human popsickle.

A super-hero for the age of contradictions. 2007.

(( SKOKROTKA49 took the South Beach pictures, which are at bottom.
my apologies.))



Blogger Fred G. Sanford said...

why is that picture over on that side?

Anonymous Elvira said...

Good words.


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