Sunday, October 07, 2007

Die Goldenen Zitronen

It's all good these days at the
WFMU, home of the greatest all-purpose blog,
and a consistent source of MP3's (the great ones,
the mediocre and the horrible) and speaking of great ones,
Die Goldenen Zitronen ist un Great German Band, with
a name I always thought referred to citroen the french car..

हे गेट तेसे म्प३'एस ऑफ़ तिस एक्ष्केल्लेन्त् जर्मन बंद, दिए गोल्देनें ज़ित्रोनें
ऎंड यू वों'त बे सॉरी ।
हे, डेस रॉबर्ट गोर्दों, ओं थे कवर ऑफ़ थे फ्रेश फिश स्पेशल ल.प।
लुक लिके टोनी'एस कोउसिं क्रिस, ओं थे स्पोरानोस?
Hey, doesn't Robert Gordon on the cover of the Original Fresh Fish Special L.P.
(which is pictured above)
look like Mr.- what's -his -name who plays Chris, Tony's cousin on The Sopranos?
umm, ok, maybe not, nevermind.



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